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A few years back a coalition of forces led by the U.S. intervened in the Ostregal Islands at the request of the RDO Government who was attacked by the nation of Czervenia. U.S. Forces engaged in police action and reconnaissance operations to protect RDO interests from Czervenian incursion and local Red Coin terrorist factions. U.S. Army forces moved on a secret Czervenian fortified hideout, designated "Ranch", discovered on the Ostregal mainland, stopping Czervenia from coordinating surface-to-air attacks against Coalition aircraft and allowing incoming humanitarian relief to reach thousands of displaced refugees. A Long Range Reconnaissance team conducted a recon mission to determine Czervenian force strength at a possible staging area on the Ostregal island of Palisav and collected vital photographic evidence about a probable and dire threat, details of which are currently classified. With the arrival of U.S. and Coalition Forces, the Czervenian Army was driven off the Ostregal mainland. They made a hasty retreat over the CZ Transocean Highway, across the Silent Harbor Bridge and over the border on Palisav Island. The bridge became a strategic lightning rod for ongoing clashes with Czervenian troops and their allies, so called Red Coin terrorists.


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