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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Credits)

The Chinese Room

Dan PinchbeckDrama Crafted by
Peter HowellDrama Crafted by
Andrew CrawshawDrama Crafted by
Patrik DekhlaDrama Crafted by
Thomas GripDrama Crafted by
Jens NilssonDrama Crafted by
Maarten De MeyerComputional Magikery
Thomas GripComputional Magikery
Luis Rodero MoralesComputional Magikery
Peter WesterComputional Magikery
Sindre GrønvollSurrounding Architectures
Brandy JonesSurrounding Architectures
Wesley TackSurrounding Architectures
Aaron CliffordSurrounding Architectures
Marcus JohanssonSurrounding Architectures
Marc NicanderSurrounding Architectures
Jessica CurryOverture and Music
Samuel JusticeSound Effects
Justin WasackSound Effects
Jessica CurrySound Effects
Tapio LiukkonenAdditional Sound Effects
Dan PinchbeckWritten by
Tim ApplebyManpigs Designed by
Andrew NisbetEdwin and Enoch Mandus Designed by
Mike GreenLondon Citizens Designed by
Dave FialaCharacter Rigging
Boris LowingerAnimator
Philip ThompsonVoice Recording
Joanna Forbes L'EstrangeThe Sopranos
Oscar PinchbeckBoy Soprano
Jonathan ByersCellist
Jessica CurryPianist
Jarrad HearmanMusic Recording
Ben AndrewsPaint Visions
Tim ApplebyManpigs Concept
Mark BeerManpigs Concept
Matthew Sergison-MainMap Illustrator
David SatzingerIcons Design
Hedda Steen RennemoManus Processing Company Logo Design
Dan FrancisStained Glass Windows Design
Max BoughenAdditional Textural References
Linus "Traggey" AsplundAdditional Art
Daniel TonksAdditional Art
Ann-Sofie VercruysseAdditional Art
Robert BriscoeQA - HumbleBugs Team
Adam GriffithsQA - HumbleBugs Team
Javier MairenaQA - HumbleBugs Team
Krystian MajewskiQA - HumbleBugs Team
Leigh SimmonsQA - HumbleBugs Team
Sebastian VasselbringQA - HumbleBugs Team
Matthew WeiseQA - HumbleBugs Team
Stuart YarhamQA - HumbleBugs Team
Cameron CleggWritten and Performed by (When I was a Laddy)
Glen CapraPiano (When I was a Laddy)
Thomas GripExecutive Producer
Jens NilssonExecutive Producer
Dan PinchbeckProducer
Jessica CurryProducer
Edward RuddThanks
Plato "Plutomaniac" MavropoulosThanks
Julio JerezThanks
Andreas JonssonThanks
DevIL Image LibaryThanks (Support Company)
TinyXMLThanks (Support Company)
LibSULThanks (Support Company)
Mark CarterThanks
Kate CharlesThanks
Karen LeeThanks
Mel JohnsonThanks
Steve HandThanks
Les BlackThanks
The Austin Deans
Robert BriscoeThanks
Chris Curry-CliffThanks
Michael GarthThanks
Adam GriffithsThanks
Katie HowellThanks
Aaron LindeThanks
James Tilly MatthewsThanks
Lisa McCawThanks
Jayden NguyenThanks
Oscar PitchbeckThanks
Hedda Steen RennemoThanks
Eleanor SellerThanks
Leigh SimmonsThanks
Stuart YarhamThanks
and the Great Unknown Masses of Piggy Fodder What Did Scream for us
The party that leans upon the workers but serves the bourgeoisie, in the period of the greatest sharpening of the class struggle, cannot but sense the sense smells wafted from the waiting grave. - Leo Trotsky
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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

70 /100

Released: 2013

From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dear Esther comes a new first-person horrorgame that will drag you to the depths of greed power and madness. It will bury its snout into your ribs and it will eat...