Ancient Domains Of Mystery

Genre: Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Adventure

Ancient Domains Of Mystery (or ADOM) is an epic fantasy Roguelike. The story takes you to the Drakalor Chain, a mountainous area in the fictional land of Ancardia. You are a lone wanderer whose purpose is to find the source of the Chaos spreading throughout the land. Pursuing your quest you traverse through dark dungeons and untamed wilds where dea... Read More

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The world of Ancardia is very harsh, unforgiving, harkening back to the golden days of Roguelikes and Role-Playing games. You must face a huge host of monsters while avoiding disease, hunger, traps and the ever-present corruption. You race against time to unravel the nature of the corrupting forces slowly devouring Ancardia, and finally vanquish them once and for all. Or will you manage to harness them to do your bidding? Become a savior, ascend as a god, or don't interfere and leave Ancardia to its fate? The choice is yours, adventurer.


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