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For your convenience I’ve collected what information we have in advance of your trip to Anteform Valley. There isn’t much; as it often happens you’re going to have to figure out a lot once you get boots on the ground. Your past successes in less-than-ideal situations like this were a big reason you were chosen for this assignment.

The Client:

Sally Franklin is a lifelong resident of Anteform Valley. She contacted our agency after her long term boyfriend Steve Johanson disappeared while supposedly running a short errand. She lives in the main village there and she should be one of the first ones you try to contact.

She’s a close friend of the mayor of Anteform Valley, Bess Whitley, who apparently went to college with the Boss. Bess and the Boss. So yeah, no extra pressure.

The Missing People:

Steve Johanson moved to Anteform Valley four years ago to take a job at their local radio station KLLR. According to Sally, he met her shortly after moving in and they hit it off almost immediately. She claims they weren’t fighting and that he was in positive spirits – she claims she’d know if he were planning on taking off and she vehemently rejects the idea that he committed suicide.

We just got word that Steve isn’t the only missing person in Anteform Valley, just the first. Since then a young woman named Mary Wainwright has also mysteriously vanished. We don’t know much about her yet, just that she also lived in the village and was off hiking somewhere and didn’t come back. Obviously the two of them arranging a joint disappearance isn’t out of the question. It’s something for you to follow up on.


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Adventure, Indie, Role-playing (RPG)
Horror, Mystery, Open world