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A Cinemaware classic returns for round two.Date: January 1st, 1956. Place: Lizard Breath, California.For five years, rumours have abound that numerous giant ants were sighted in the hills around Lizard Breath, even though these have been dismissed as “delayed hysteria” by the city’s inhabitants. Nowadays, the inhabitants of the region are far more interested in the substantial amounts of money, which pour in by means of the nuclear test program sponsored by the government. Even the strange stories that are heard about the hospital in Melville are not taken seriously, as everyone hastily adapts to the “atomic” future.All that only changed when Brick Nash stole a plutonium-cartridge loaded truck and headed in the direction of the abandoned lab of Dr. Wells.Is the nightmare starting again?Can one safely go in the desert on the search for the lost submarine? And why do some people in town look so strange when faced with sugar cubes? You can find the answers in “Antheads: It Came from the Desert II”.