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Lusiferrrs Review [3.0/10]

Lusiferrr created

I got this on release day. Traded it in 2 weeks later. Niff said.

N3RVs Review [1.0/10]

N3RV created

This game is a dumpster fire. Its a looter with the genuinely worst loot system Ive ever seen. I would never let anyone knowing purchase this "game". Beyond that the story is bland at best and the content would be lacking if this were a 10 hour game.

Don't believe the hate [0.0/10]

G_Whizard created

I think this game is getting a lot of undeserved flak. It has some glaring issues for sure. Most of which can and should be fixed eventually if EA doesn't give up on it too soon. The core gameplay experience is incredibly fun and addictive and for my money, was good enough to carry my through the campaign and several hours after. At this point t...