Anthem is a shared-world action RPG, where players can delve into a vast landscape teeming with amazing technology and forgotten treasures. This is a world where Freelancers are called upon to defeat savage beasts, ruthless marauders, an...

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Review: Don't believe the hate

Platform: PlayStation 4 - 62 views - 1 likes

Anthem is a looter shooter similar to games like Destiny or The Division. Created by Bioware. You play as humans flying around in space mechs.

I think this game is getting a lot of undeserved flak. It has some glaring issues for sure. Most of which can and should be fixed eventually if EA doesn't give up on it too soon. The core gameplay experience is incredibly fun and addictive and for my money, was good enough to carry my through the campaign and several hours after. At this point there needs to be more of everything for this game. My main complaint is there are almost no cosmetic items. Looking cool in these games is important, and you can do a lot with the paint, but everyone has the same Javelin's more or less. Let me be my own Javelin. I've never played a game that I wanted to play so bad that weird design decision's frequently get in the way of me playing it.

I think Anthem is worth a look right now if you enjoy really fun combat. The reports of awful load times and the weird tethering system are grossly over exaggerated by haters. They're not that bad. I'm serious. The story is so so, though it's hard to follow because I was having too much fun shooting the shit with my buddies while we got into the zone of flying around like iron man and blasting aliens with our wizard powers and rocket launchers.

Positive points
  • - Amazing combat
  • - Stellar visuals
  • - They nailed flying around like Iron-man
  • - Playing with friends is super fun
  • - The Javelin's are all really cool and look awesome. If only we could customize them more.
Negative points
  • -We need more everything.
  • - Not enough cosmetic items
  • - More mission types
  • - Give us like 3 to 4 more strongholds. They rock
  • - Overhaul the UI


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