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Eyjis Review [9.0/10]

Eyji created

The first Battle Royale game that I actually like. I have tried Fortnite, PUBG and Last Man Standing. Barely played them because I found them frustrating, boring and not fun except if you try hard (which is not really having fun anymore).

SystemNotFounds Review [6.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

Before I uninstall Apex Legends, I am going to leave some notes about this game. Personally, I cant say this game sucks, because I am suck playing the Battle Royale shooter game, so in case of curiousity. I play the game for sake of tasting the bits of Battle royale hype and current trend for gaming mode. Generally, the game is well polished a...

kamulives Review [8.0/10]

kamulive created

Apex Legends is an enjoyable game. My friends and I have been hooked on this game for the previous two and a half months. The movement in this game is the greatest strength, it is fun to explore the options the movement system creates for the player. The different legends all have unique personalities that are fun to discover. I play on PS4 and ...