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Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Explore a growing roster of diverse characters and experience intens...

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Review: SystemNotFounds Review

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Before I uninstall Apex Legends, I am going to leave some notes about this game. Personally, I cant say this game sucks, because I am suck playing the Battle Royale shooter game, so in case of curiousity. I play the game for sake of tasting the bits of Battle royale hype and current trend for gaming mode.

Generally, the game is well polished and has astonishing look with its realism. I am not familiar with the campaign cause its said the "story" or "lore" based on Titanfall which I am not interested to play.

People say a game sucks because they dont know how to play it. And this game takes a lot of aspects I dont really like. I can shoot people and have fun with it. But playing a game where you have to run for 10 minutes and get gun where a final moment to win the game based how last you kill someone or get killed bores me sometimes, but why I still play it? Because Apex has particular skill with each characters where this game combined Hero shooter mixed with battle royale.

Unfortunately, playing the game several times makes this game becomes so stale and nothing new to improve player experience where win based on luck and doing nothing on empty arena where players just run and loot some boxes (So, its not fast paced shooter which I dont like).

The characters design seems okay-ish but I predict it will not make developer getting successful skins selling with just bland recolor and "not enough" waifu (so if you want to some cute girls or sexy women) this has no sign for you. I hate generic pretty boy and girl character design in most of Battle royale mobile though, but i dont know it seems the characters are just being there, but still each players have its own skill where player can master to help winning the game.

So, based my judgement for 5 hours playing and trying this game, I can say this game has potential, but considering BR is just a fad like fidget spinner, I can say this game is good fidget spinner where at first you are impressed with its looks, but get tired everyone make their own fidget spinner.


Positive points
  • well polished game
Negative points
  • character design are not for selling skins


Total score