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Revenge is sweet when it's the life of your lover at stake... After the vile sorcerer, Hexaa, had tortured your beloved partner to near death, you awake the magic of your grandfather's talisman to summon the forces of light to help you defeat the sorcerer and find a life-saving antidote. You are Ikuro and you are the only one who can commit the necessary deeds- live off your wits, live off your instincts but, most of all, live off your sacred love for Yuri.

As the ancient talisman transforms you into a beautiful bee, such beauty is darkened by the burning passion to hurt, maim and destroy Hexaa and his evil army of insects and wildlife. Your insect bite is deadly...but are you? Apidya features superb horizontally scrolling shoot'em-up action. Gameplay over 5 fantastic worlds. Incredibly large end of level guardians. Power-up with missiles, bombs, automated clones... the list is almost endless. Simultaneous two player action! Apidya- a genuinely mind-blowing experience!