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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Aporia: The Lost World of Ez’rat Qin is a 1st person adventure/horror game set in an abandoned valley shrouded in the crumbled ruins of a once mighty civilisation. Aporia brings a unique approach to the art of storytelling, by not using text or dialogue. It offers new and interesting puzzle mechanics and elaborate environmental storytelling within an immersive AAA-like world. Aporia is set within a beautiful world brought to ... Read More

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The Temple; forged into the rocky walls of the mountain and crowned by a large, fad- ed crystal. Forbidden territory, yes, but also the goal of your quest.

You begin your ascent, up, up, up, that gigantic crumbling marble staircase, almost su ocating in wild vines. You reach the gate; a tall, sinister masterpiece built by The Ancients, now weathered by the elements and age. The gate is closed, but among the rubble you nd a hole in the wall, caused by the giant roots of the trees. You descend into the dark, which reeks of mould and metallic water, until you reach The Great Hall of X’hara - the God of Light.
In the pitch black darkness of the hall a strange glow attracts you. Moving towards it you discover a pedestal holding a luminent vial lled with a bright liquid. You reach out, touch the vial and a sharp light sparks from the pedestal, casting a holographic scenario into the open space of The Great Hall. Ghostly images of several men emerge, a momentary glimpse of past events as the men move through the temple, dragging a screaming man towards a chamber within the hall. Thrown into the dark catacomb the man ghts to escape, but the capturers close the heavy stone doors, muting the frantic screams of the desperate man and seal the doors with a Pyramid-shaped key.
Then a bright ash terminates the ghostly vision. Once again, all is dark, except for the luminous vial. You grab it, and driven by curiosity you move through the lightless hall, nd your way to the inner chamber that was once sealed by the pyramid-shaped key.

The stone doors are open. The key removed. Within, a low humming lls the omni- scient dark. Then a red glow lls the chamber. A aming eye looking straight at you, lls your head with the horrid sounds of a tortured soul, stings your brain with the pain of a thousand needles. Before you can move a violent shadow attacks you with full force, sling your body towards the opposite wall. Your mind crumbles, the dark screams of insanity penetrates your brain. You try to get up, but cannot.

The red eye hovers over you. Then everything turns black.