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Aquaria (Credits)

Bit Blot

Derek YuDesign, Art
Alec HolowkaDesign, Programming Sound
Brandon McCartinAdditional Scripting, Additional Sound Effects
Ian HolmAdditional Music
Jon PerryAquarian Language
Brandon McCartinLead Tester
Graham GoringLead Tester
Steve SwinkLead Tester
Daniel-D. "Guert" GuertinLead Tester
An YiAdditional Tester
Ian HolowkaAdditional Tester
Tryggve SollidAdditional Tester
Juan BaruqueAdditional Tester
Zack FornacaAdditional Tester
Tommaso SciortinoAdditional Tester
DaisyAlec's Special Thanks
BabaAlec's Special Thanks
Greg & DebAlec's Special Thanks
Jeff KulaAlec's Special Thanks
Eileen & IanAlec's Special Thanks
Grey St. United Church FolksAlec's Special Thanks
TIGSource CommunityAlec's Special Thanks
The Independent Games Festival Organizers and JudgesAlec's Special Thanks
Mom, Dad, And FamilyDerek's Special Thanks
The lovely Frances FontanillaDerek's Special Thanks
Chris YamaokaDerek's Special Thanks
Jeniffer "B.B" YinDerek's Special Thanks
Hellen JoDerek's Special Thanks
Simon CarlessDerek's Special Thanks
Tim SchaferDerek's Special Thanks
The TIGSource CommunityDerek's Special Thanks


100 /100

Released: 2007


A massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores the depths of Aquaria....