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Already released in undefined on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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PC (Microsoft Windows)



Experience a skillful blend of strategy, action, and role-playing brought to life in full 3D. Prepare to be spellbound as the epic storyline and thrilling combat is revealed with dazzling effects, spectacular creatures and robust environments.

You'll battle enemy creatures and wizards by conjuring forces and developing spells from the magic laws of Chaos, Law and Order. This unique magic system allows you to develop an individual strategy for each mission, altering the spells and creatures you use in battle each time. Summon fantastic creatures from mythology- giants, archers, undead minions, dragons, knights, and much more.

Your character's skills and abilities develop as the game progresses through items found in scenarios and experience gained from successfully completing tasks. Robust multiplayer support allows gamers to battle head-to-head with up to eight friends or computer opponents over LAN or the Internet, including head-to-head and team play.