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GordonSpaces Review [5.0/10]

GordonSpace created

Unfortunately the worst AC game (except AC games after unity, I consider only AC games before unity to compare). The only thing improved was the parkour movement. Combat controlls totally messed up, gear up too complicated and too expensive at beginning of the game, many many many bugs, player won't jump or climb where I want to jump or climb. T...

unrivalled [9.0/10]

headshot created

Unity doesn't just play well, it looks beautiful too. The graphics have a stunning painted quality to them that may be attributed to the way that different materials reacis game on your ps4 play it on your pc's as it had better enjoyment level than ps4. Not a great storyline As i had expected. Even though AC is an yearly release franchise, and t...

Jan-Sablaturas Review [1.0/10]

Jan-Sablatura created

The French revolution is one great theme. Yet the game failed to take it the correct way. The story has some awesome ideas, but it all seems unfinished, cut in the middle with some "believable" ending. Same goes for the DLC Dead Kings. Side missions are very repetitive, which is for example compared to AC3 a deep jump down quality speaking. Grap...