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Releasing: September 19, 2016

Tap to fire the grappling hook and help Captain George climb out of the canyon!

Captain George Morgan has been sent on a mission to the planet Zelta 4. Here his task will be to locate the valuable resource known as Quantinium...

...Suddenly an unknown force rendered the controls inoperable and pulled the captain and his ship hurtling towards the planets surface...

The captain crash landed at the base of a deep canyon. All that remains is his suit and his trusty grappling hook. How ever will he escape?

Tap the screen to fire the grappling hook to the side. With each tap, the grappling hook alternates the side it attaches to (it doesn't matter where you touch the screen).

Tap and hold the screen to reel in the grappling hook and get pulled closer to the canyon wall.

Make use of both quick taps and tap holds to progress higher within the canyon.


- 15 individually challenging floors
- Practice mode!
- No IAP!
- Beautiful visuals in an alien world
- Unique tap screen control system
- Dangerously addictive!
- Perfect game to play on the loo! pick up and play in seconds