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Genre: Platform

Platforms: Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The Astyanax, referred to as simply Astyanax in the NES version, is a side-scrolling action-adventure game designed by Aicom for arcades and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the plots differ in the two versions, gameplay remains relatively similar. The player has a life gauge, a strength gauge that fills automatically, and a magic gauge for spells. The arcade version incorporated co-operative play, which the NES ver... Read More

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In the Arcade version, the plot is fairly typical-a battle is being waged between demons and people, and the people are not able to stand up to the demons. One day, a brave young man named Roche receives divine revelation from God and is granted a mythical Fire Axe. Roche embarks on a journey to the Castle of Algerine to defeat the evil demon overlord Argos and restore peace and happiness to the world.

The plot of the NES version is entirely different from the Arcade version. Astyanax is a 16-year old boy who attends Greenview High School. He has been having a recurring dream in which a young woman is calling his name. One day while on his way to class, Astyanax is transported to another dimension. He meets the fairy Cutie, who explains that he has been summoned to rescue the ruler of the kingdom Remilia, Princess Rosebud-who has been captured by the evil wizard Blackhorn. Armed with the legendary Fire Axe, Astyanax sets out on a journey to Blackhorn's lair to rescue Rosebud.