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After your training is complete, you are one of the finest pilots the United States Armed Forces has to offer. Now, you have been called upon to defend U.S. interests in Egypt and in the Far East. A campaign consists of a series of missions which must be executed in order. As in real life, your primary goal is survival. You must survive all of the sorties in your tour in order to win. This means that you don’t have to repeat missions until you’ve won every one of them. If you fail a particular mission, it’s assumed that other pilots step in and achieve your mission objective for you. However, keep in mind that the Brass doesn’t like to re-deploy assets to cover your failures. While your superiors understand the formidable challenges you face, they expect maximum performance from you. If you fail more than four missions, you will be assigned a different task far away from the front. The war will be over for you.

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