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Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

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Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator

Platforms: Nintendo DS

The second Atelier game for the Nintendo DS and the first to be released in North America.
The game focuses more on gathering materials and item creation than on fighting monsters.

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Annie, the main character, is a lazy girl who hates to work hard and sits around the house all day.

Finally, while Annie is asleep, her grandfather sends her off to Sera Island, where she is going to participate in a resort development project.

The next morning, she wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar room where a little boy is staring at her.

"My name is Pepe. I'm going to teach you alchemy."

Pepe tells Annie that she must participate in a resort development project by using alchemy, which she's never done before.

However, she also discovers a bit of good news. That is, the person who contributes the most to the project will win the title of Meister and will be betrothed to the Prince of Orde.

Dreaming of a wealthy future, Annie is motivated to work hard to reach her goal of marrying up.

"I'm going to win this! I'm going to be a great alchemist and marry the Prince!!"