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"Lush trees rustle in the wind. Birds sing their songs with the morning sun,
and the light shines upon flowers growing along the roads.

The atmosphere on the edge of town is warm and gentle.
The sunlight filtering through trees spreads out like a tapestry of light and shade down a single path.
It leads to a small house where a girl lives.

She's cheerful and bright, though somewhat absentminded.
An ordinary girl you might find anywhere.
However, she possesses one special power that the townspeople do not have.

The mysterious power to mix several materials and create something entirely different: "Alchemy"...

Unfortunately, she continues to fail at an essential skill, Synthesis.
She reaches her limit, with no alchemy books to read, and no mentor to guide her.

But one day, the girl encounters a mysterious book that can move and talk on its own accord.
The book claims to be the "knowledge" of alchemy itself.
This meeting between a book and a young alchemist will become a quiet, yet certain, step forward."