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Releasing: December 31, 1989

You're actually one of B.A.T. sergeants, and a new mission awaits you. Vrangar, a top scientist, and Merigo, a small-time crook, have announced their intention to set off nucturobiogenic bombs in Terrapolis, the largest city on Selenia. The ultimatum leaves the government only 10 days to evacuate the city and draw up a deed of ownership in Vrangor's name. Beyond this time limit, Selenia will be blown out of the galaxy. The countdown has begun, and it's up to you to play and foil Vrangor's evil plans. Don't forget: The Fate Of Terrapolis Lies in your Hands!

Be entranced by graphics, sound effects and an atmosphere that are out of this world! Visit over 1100 different places including restaurants, gun-smiths, discos, hotels, arcades, parks, etc...

Feel free to stop someone on the street to get information or just to say hello.