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Releasing: December 31, 1992

Their chances for survival were slim. But, despite tremendous adversity, the crew of the Memphis Belle returned from their 25th mission to become heroes of the Allied air offensive in World War II.

What did the courageous flyboys of the Memphis Belle really experience as they plowed through relentless anti-aircraft fire over Nazi-occupied Europe?

Find out for yourself as you lead a 10-man crew to victory...or defeat...against squadrons of Nazi warplanes in the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress!

The most complete and accurate bomber simulation ever produced, the B-17 Flying Fortress will have you negotiating 25 perilous missions in broad daylight from bases in eastern England.

You'll allocate crew members to their specific tasks! You'll fly in authentic World War II formation with other B-17s! And you'll destroy strategic targets like canals, bridges, dockyards, submarine pens, and factories in dangerous bombing runs!

Fly the B-17 Flying Fortress and become a legend before your own time.