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Baby Eater

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Genre: Arcade

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Baby Eater was created to be an 8-bit style arcade game from the 1980s. The premise is you play a vampire who has the same nightmare every night - babies fall to their deaths to feed the Vampire Queen - Saphron. Your job is to save them all, by running back and forth across the screen to catch the babies. Gameplay elements: In addition to catching the babies, several levels have unique hazards and rules that change the deman... Read More

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Baby Eater takes place in the mind of the Princess of Emor, Procuni. When a vulgar beast from Hell's deepest corners came to Emor, she was bitten and turned to a vampire. Forced to watch her family die, she refused to bow to the Queen's whims. Punishing her, the Queen sealed Procuni in a sarcophagus and forced to dream the same nightmare every night - the nightmare of babes falling from the heavens, to die and feed the lust of QUEEN SAPHRON!

Can you save the babies, and help Procuni resist the evil Queen for one more night?