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Back to the Future Part II & III

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Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Back to the Future Part II & III is the sequel to the original Back to the Future game, and is based loosely off of the second and third films of the popular Back to the Future movie franchise. The game was developed by Beam Software for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was received fairly negatively when released-with many complaining in particular about the game's length coupled with lack of a save feature.

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The game follows the plot of the movies, the player controlling Marty as he travels to 2015 to prevent his future son from committing a crime, and then traveling back in time to try to correct Biff's nefarious deeds which altered the future significantly. Once part II ends, Marty becomes stranded in 1955 and receives a letter from the Doc from 1885 asking to be rescued. Much of this plot also focuses on Marty finding and returning items to their rightful locations.