Source:Youtube (retrieved: 2015-09-05)

Bad Mojo (Credits)

Pulse Entertainment

Vincent CarrellaStory, Characters and Game Design
Phill SimonStory, Characters and Game Design
Drew HuffmanOriginal Concept
Bill ZettlerOriginal Concept
Vincent CarrellaOriginal Concept
Drew HuffmanExecutive Producer
Bill WoodwardExecutive Producer
Phill SimonProducer
Vincent CarellaWriter and Director
Bill ZettlerDirector of Engineering
Lawrence ChandlerArt Director
Charles RoseArt Director / Special Sequences
Alex LouieCo-Producer
Jonathon FishmanProduction Manager
Dan Meblin3D Technical Director
Aaron StrainVideo Technical Director
Bob BrahmsPC Engineer and Sound Mixer Developer
Chuck BlanchardEngineer / Macintosh
Pete StoneOriginal Scroe and Ambient Sound
Bill PrederAudio Engineer
Computer Graphics Unit 1
Jonny Belt2D Design, Logo Design, Special Prop Design, Paint & Lighting
Dann Tarmy3D Modeling / Animation, Still Photography, Video Production Assistance
Hugh Howie2D Design & Composition
Enriqué Rivera VegaConceptual Design, Storyboards, Animation
Anne GerowTopology Painting
Brian Pope3D Modeling, 2D & 3D Animation
Video Unit
Darryl FlowersGaffer, Special Lighting Effects
Jean-Francois RevenSet Design & Fabrication
Wendy Jill YorkCostumes & Make-Up
Computer Graphics Unit 2
Greg Smith (III)Hi-Res 3D Roach Model
Denise Prichard2D Design Logos
Elise Baldwin2D Composition
Christina Kane2D Composition & Design
Jennifer Petkus3D Modeling
Jeff EssexSound Processing
Tom DiZoglioMacintosh Engineer
Erin-Anne ManningDirector of FInance and Operations
Karen HallBusiness Assistant
We wish to thank the following of their production assistance and/or inspiration:
Tom TurpinThanks
Byton ReidThanks
BOWWOW ProductionsThanks (Support Company)
The American Conservatory TheaterThanks (Support Company)
RODEX Pest ControlThanks (Support Company)
University of CaliforniaThanks (Support Company)
Jay BradleyThanks
Roger JonesThanks
Rhonda StrattonThanks
Mike MorganThanks
Jim LudtkeThanks
Karen HallThanks
J.A. NelsonThanks
Brian PopeThanks
Joe DiZoglioThanks
Alan BriteThanks
Connie ZugelderThanks
Richard WinterThanks
Joe CrowlyThanks
Leigh BlicherThanks
Don MarquisThanks
Franz KafkaThanks
Joseph CampbellThanks
Dane HowardThanks
Edgar HarrisThanks
Herb PerezThanks