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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn (Credits)

Black Isle Studios

Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Chris ParkerSenior Producer
Douglas AveryAssociate Producer
Fred HatchSound/Localization Producer
BensonDivision Operations Manager
Primo PulancoDivision Operations Assistant
Jason ManleyAdditional Promotional Artwork


Production (BioWare)
Ray MuzykaExecutive Producer
Greg ZeschukExecutive Producer
Nathan PlewesLine Producer
Andrew NobbsLine Producer
Ben SmedstadProducer
Design (BioWare)
James OhlenDirector of Writing and Design
Kevin MartensLead Designer
David GaiderCore Design Team
Brent KnowlesCore Design Team
Luke KristjansenCore Design Team
John WinskiCore Design Team
Rob BartelAdditional Design
Drew KarpyshynAdditional Design
John GallagherAdditional Design
Andrew NobbsScripting and Data Entry
Mike GeistScripting and Data Entry
Kevin CraigScripting and Data Entry
Ross GardnerScripting and Data Entry
James OhlenOriginal Baldur's Gate Game Design
Ray MuzykaOriginal Baldur's Gate Game Design
Scott GreigOriginal Baldur's Gate Game Design
Greg ZeschukOriginal Baldur's Gate Game Design
Programming (BioWare)
Mark DarrahLead Programmer
Daniel MorrisProgrammer
Paul RoffelProgrammer
Mark BrockingtonNetwork Programming
Paul RoffelNetwork Programming
Don MoarLead Tools Programmer
Marc AudyTools Programmer
Patrick ChanTools Programmer
Chris ChristonTools Programmer
Aaryn FlynnTools Programmer
Jeremy SheldonTools Programmer
Noel BorstadAdditional Programming
Rob BoydAdditional Programming
Mark BrockingtonAdditional Programming
Howard ChungAdditional Programming
Michael DevineAdditional Programming
Brenon HolmesAdditional Programming
Casey HudsonAdditional Programming
Charles RandallAdditional Programming
Gilles BeaupariantAdditional Programming
Gilles BeaupariantInfinity Engine Programmer
Mark BrockingtonInfinity Engine Programmer
Mark DarrahInfinity Engine Programmer
David FalknerInfinity Engine Programmer
Scott GreigInfinity Engine Programmer
Daniel MorrisInfinity Engine Programmer
Cameron ToferInfinity Engine Programmer
John WinskiInfinity Engine Programmer
Don YakielashekInfinity Engine Programmer
Quality Assurance (BioWare)
Scott LangevinLead QA
Raymond PrachQuality Assurance
Scott HornerQuality Assurance
Derrick CollinsQuality Assurance
Jonathan EppQuality Assurance
Karl SchreinerQuality Assurance
Nathan FrederickQuality Assurance
Ron GardnerQuality Assurance
Noel BorstadOther QA
Brenen HolmesOther QA
Scott RodriqueOther QA
Bob McCabeOther QA
Aidan ScanlanOther QA
Preston WatamaniukOther QA
Keith SoleskiOther QA
Art and Animation (BioWare)
Marcia ToferArt Director
John GallagherDirector of Concept Art
Dean AndersonCore Art Team
Matt GoldmanCore Art Team
Kelly GoodineCore Art Team
Yungkyung KimCore Art Team
Arnel LabardaCore Art Team
Chris MannCore Art Team
Elben SchafersCore Art Team
Todd GrenierGUI Creation
Matt GoldmanAdditional GUI
Mike GrillsAdditional Artist
Rob SugamaAdditional Artist
Mike SassDirector of Production Art
Mike SassPortraits and Promotional/Marketing Art
Matthew GoldmanAdditional Promotional Art
Marc HolmesAdditional Promotional Art
Chris MannSpecial FX and Background Animations
Elben SchafersSpecial FX and Background Animations
Russell RiceSpecial FX and Background Animations
Alex ScottSpecial FX and Background Animations
Cassidy ScottBaldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
Dan WalkerBaldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
Kalvin LyleBaldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
Marc HolmesBaldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
Scott GreigBaldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
Character Animation
Steven GilmourLead Animator
David HibbelnAnimation Director
Rick LiAnimation
Henrik VasquezAnimation
Enrique Deo PerezAnimation
Larry StevensAnimation
Tony de WaalAnimation
Cinematics Team (BioWare)
Cassidy ScottModeling
Mike SassModeling
Alex ScottModeling
Elben SchafersModeling
Lindsay JorgensonModeling
Ryan BlanchardAdditional Modeling
David HibbelnAdditional Modeling
Matthew GoldmanAdditional Modeling
Mike SassTexturing
Matthew GoldmanTexturing
Ryan BlanchardTexturing
Marc HolmesTexturing
Enrique Deo PerezAdditional Texturing
Rick LiAdditional Texturing
Yungkyung KimAdditional Texturing
Steve GilmourScripts
Luke KristjansonScripts
David HibbelnScripts
Kelly GoodineStoryboards
Steve GilmourStoryboards
David HibbelnStoryboards
Matthew FisherVideo Art
David HibbelnAnimation Director
John GallagherConcept Art
Mike SassConcept Art
Marc HolmesConcept Art
Steve GilmourAnimation
Enrique Deo PerezAnimation
Tony de WaalAnimation
Rick LiAnimation
Larry StevensAnimation
Henrik VasquezAnimation
Russell RiceEffect Animation
Tony de WaalEffect Animation
Alex ScottEffect Animation
David HibbelnEffect Animation
Mike SassScene Set Up and Lighting
Rick LiScene Set Up and Lighting
Enrique Deo PerezScene Set Up and Lighting
Russell RiceScene Set Up and Lighting
Ryan BlanchardAdditional Scene Set Up and Lighting
Steve GilmourAdditional Scene Set Up and Lighting
Henrik VasquezAdditional Scene Set Up and Lighting
David HibbelnAdditional Scene Set Up and Lighting
Larry StevensAdditional Scene Set Up and Lighting
Audio (BioWare)
David ChanAudio (BioWare)
Miscellaneous (BioWare)
Brad GrierCommunications Manager
Juliette IrishReception and Executive Assistants
Theresa BarterReception and Executive Assistants
Teresa StevensonReception and Executive Assistants
James OhlenManual Writing/Editing
Lukas KristjansonManual Writing/Editing
Drew KarpyshynManual Writing/Editing
Ray MuzykaManual Writing/Editing
Ross GardnerAdditional Manual
Kevin MartensAdditional Manual
Dave HamelLead Systems Administrator
Michael K. NudelSystems Administrator
Chris ZeschukSystems Administrator

Interplay - duplicate

Audio (Interplay)
Charles DeenenSupervising Sound Designer
Craig DumanMastering Supervisor
Ann ScibelliSound Designer
Paul MenichiniSound Designer
Tim WatsonSound Designer
David FarmerSound Designer
Al NelsonSound Designer
Adam LevensonSound Designer
Mike KamperSound Designer
John MorrisSound Designer
Rebecca HanckSound Designer
Stephen MillerSound Editing
JP WaltonSound Editing
Frank SzickSound Editing
Caron WeidnerSound Editing
Michael HoenigMusic by
John FasalSFX Recordist
Charles DeenenSFX Recordist
Al NelsonSFX Recordist
Ana DeenenSFX Recordist
Frank SzickSFX Recordist
Chris BordersSFX Recordist
Rick JacksonMusic Editing
Ron ValdezMusic Editing
Howard DrossinMusic Editing
Craig DumanMastering
Frank SzickMastering
Tom BakerMastering
Ron ValdezMastering Assistance
Chris BordersVO Casting/Direction Supervision
VO Editing (Interplay)
Stephen MillerVO Editing (Interplay)
Frank SzickVO Editing (Interplay)
JP WaltonVO Editing (Interplay)
Jeremy SimpsonVO Editing (Interplay)
Screenmusic StudiosVO Recorded at (Support Company)
Mike DraghiVO Engineer
Eric LewisVO Assistant
Marsha KramerWalla Cast
Anneliese GoldmanWalla Cast
Daamen KrallWalla Cast
Richard PennWalla Cast
John DemitaWalla Cast
David RandolphWalla Cast
Barbara Harris Loop-Group CastingWalla Casting (Support Company)
Warner Brothers HollywoodWalla Recorded at (Support Company)
Lisa WassermanAdditional VO Casting
Tim GedemerCinematics Sound Designer
Howard DrossinCinematics Music by
Laura MaciasCinematics Foley Artist
Eric ThompsonCinematics Foley Mixer
Dan WilliamsVideo Services
Bill StoudtVideo Services
Dave CravensVideo Services
Quality Assurance (Interplay)
Michael MotodaDirector of QA
Greg "Moose" BaumeisterQA Manager
Monica VallejoQA Operations Manager
Edward HulandQA Project Supervisor
John KirklandQA Project Supervisor
Damien EvansQA Project Supervisor
Eric FongQA Project Supervisor
Erick LujanQA Project Supervisor
Henry LeeQA Senior Tester
Gary TesdallQA Senior Tester
Dany MartinezQA Senior Tester
Harold KimQA Senior Tester
Kris GiampaQA Senior Tester
Brad DuttonQA Senior Tester
Damien FolettoQA Tester
Don RamakersQA Tester
David VodhanelQA Tester
Michael LosQA Tester
Albert PerezQA Tester
Rafael LopezQA Tester
Adam ParkerQA Tester
John HooverQA Tester
Thomas EdmondsQA Tester
Joe IsipQA Tester
Greg DidieuQA Tester
Eric PribishQA Tester
Mark HoltzclawQA Tester
Joseph ChangQA Tester
Matt GolembiewskiQA Tester
Reuben ParkQA Tester
Rafael LopezSpanish Localization Editor
Kevin YeeGerman Localization Editor
Bill DelkQA IS Technician
Tom QuastQA IS Technician
Derek GibbsCompatibility Supervisor
Josh WaltersCompatibility Technician
Dave ParkynCompatibility Technician
Jack ParkerCompatibility Technician
Tony PiccoliCompatibility Technician
Marketing (Interplay, Black Isle)
Margo EngelMarketing Manager
Stacy BremmerMarketing Manager
Sean PattonMarketing Manager
Ed ArandiaMarketing Manager
Steve JobesMarketing Manager
Terry SpierMarketing Manager
Sandi McClearyMarketing Manager
Lisa BucekSenior PR Manager
Kathy HelgasonCreative Services Manager
Kathryne WahlTraffic Manager
Lee FleshmanManual Design and Layout
Special Thanks
The Icewind Dale team for allowing us to use their monsters and for their advice on working around some of the mutual problems we encountered during our development cycles.
The folks at Elephant and Castles and Delta Centre Suites - Eaten Centre for their hospitality and enthusiasm for the project.
The Q.A. teams that were willing to become honorary Canadian citizens and go away from their lives and families for the good of the project.
Jim Gardner for being the MAN!
And thanks to you, our wonderfully supportive fans!

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn

91 /100

Released: 2000

Every World has conflict. Good and evil. Friend and foe. Safety and danger. In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, you'll find yourself between these factions. This epic sequel to the Roleplaying Game of the Year will...