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Baldur's Gate (Credits)

Black Isle Studios

Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Chris ParkerProducer
Doug AveryLine Producer
Erick LujanLead Tester/QA Coordinator
Cory NelsonLead Tester/Data Testing Coordinator
Steve BokkesSenior Tester/Multiplayer Testing Coordinator
Charles DeenenAudio Director
Greg BaumanProduct Marketing
Greg PetersonProduct Marketing
Krys CardPublic Relations
Lisa FleuryPublic Relations


Ray MuzykaProducer
Ben SmedstadAssistant Producer
James OhlenLead Designer
James OhlenCore Game Designer
Scott GreigCore Game Designer
Ray MuzykaCore Game Designer
Lukas KristjansonAddtional Design
Rob BartelAdditonal Design
Matt HorvathAdditional Design
Ross GardnerAdditional Design
Lukas KristjansonLead Writer
James OhlenAdditional Writer
Rob BartelAdditional Writer
Matt HorvathAdditional Writer
Ray MuzykaAdditional Writer
Ray MuzykaEditing
Scott GreigLead Programmer
John WinskiSound Programmer & Lead AI Scripting
Don YakielashekProgrammer/Designer & Game Support Tools/Editor
Gilles BeauparlantGraphics Programmer
Dan MorrisCore Game Programmer
Mark DarrahAI Programmer
David FalknerLead GUI Programmer
Mark BrockingtonMultiplayer Programmer
Cameron ToferLUA (command line) Programming Implementation
Mark DarrahAdditional AI Scripting
James OhlenAdditional AI Scripting
Don YakielashekAdditional AI Scripting
Justin SmithAdditional AI Scripting
Don YakielashekInstall Package
Stan MelaxAdditional Progammer
Gautam KamikAdditional Programmer
Debbie GreigAdditional Programmer
2D Art
John GallagherArt Director
Dean AndersenLead Terrain Artist
Arnel LabardaAdditional Terrain Artist
Kelly GoodineAdditional Terrain Artist
Scott GreigInterface Functional Designer
Ray MuzykaInterface Functional Designer
Daniel WalkerInterface Lead Graphic Designer
Aug YipInterface Additional Graphic Design
Kevin CraigInterface Additional Graphic Design
Kalvin LyleInterface Art Processing
Mike SassPortrait Art
Scott GreigAdditional Art
Marc HolmesAdditional Art
3D Art
Cassidy ScottLead Modeler
Elben SchaefersModeler
Jeremy MelchiorModeler
David WilsonModeler
Scott DakusModeler
Marcia ToferScene Setup
Russell RiceScene Setup
Dean AndersonScene Setup
Elben SchaefersScene Setup
Cassidy ScottScene Setup
Marcia ToferLead Texturing Artist
Russell RiceAdditional Texturing
Andy MetcalfAdditional Texturing
Mike SassAdditional Texturing
Russell RiceLead Special Effects Artist
Elben SchaefersSpecial Effects
Trent OsterDirection of 3D
Dave HibbelnDirector of Animation
Tobyn ManthorpeLead Technical Animator
Rick LiAnimator
Steve GilmourAnimator
Tony de WaalAnimator
Henrik VasquezAnimator
Larry StevensAnimator
David HibbelnAnimator
Chris AlexanderAdditional Animation
Brett HardinAdditional Animation
Qualtiy Assurance
Kevin CraigLead Data Entry/QA
Andrew NobbsLead Data Entry/QA
Ross GardnerAdditional Data Entry/QA
Richard FlierlAdditional Data Entry/QA
and everyone else from Bioware who has entered bugs!
Ben SmedstadMaster o´the Bugs
Ray MuzykaManual Writing/Compilation
Lukas KristjansonManual Writing/Compilation
James OhlenManual Writing/Compilation
Thanks also to Greg Peterson, Chris Parker and the folks at Wizards of the Coast
David HamelSystem Administator
Brett HardinSystem Administator
End Titles
Russell RiceEnd Title Design
Daniel WalkerEnd Title Design
Lukas KristjansonEnd Title Music
Ray MuzykaEnd Title Music
Ray MuzykaExecutive Producer
Greg ZeschukExecutive Producer
Juliette IrishExecutive Assistant
Theresa BaxterReception

Interplay Productions

Trish June WrightVP of Development
Diarmid ClarkeInternational Producer
Jeff JirsaAssociate Producer
Quality Assurance
Chad AllisonDirector of Quality Assurance
Steve VictoryQA Manager
Erick LujanQA Project Supervisor
Cory NelsonQA Project Supervisor
Greg BaumeisterQA Project Supervisor
Marvic AmbataQA Project Supervisor
Stephen BokkesQA Senior Tester
Dave SimonQA Senior Tester
Chad NicholasQA Senior Tester
Dennis PresnellQA Senior Tester
Frank PimentelQA IS Manager
Bill DelkQA IS Technician
Tom QuastQA IS Technician
Christian PeakQA IS Technician
Derek GibbsCompatability Technician
John ParkerCompatability Technician
Louie IturzaetaCompatability Technician
Ed RoblesCompatability Technician
Joshua WaltersCompatability Technician
Matt GolembiewskiQA Tester
Donnie ComwellQA Tester
David FleischmannQA Tester
Mark PfeifferQA Tester
Jason WangQA Tester
Scot HumphreysQA Tester
Lesley MathiesonQA Tester
Damien EvansQA Tester
Mark HdtzclawQA Tester
Edward KangQA Tester
Steve HearstQA Tester
Rafael LopezQA Tester
Jay NielsenQA Tester
David ParkynQA Tester
Robert LarkQA Tester
Tom QuastQA Tester
William SaundersQA Tester
David MaldonadoQA Tester
Nicholas HidalgoQA Tester
Dany MartinezQA Tester
Edward HylandQA Tester
Primo PulancoQA Tester
Daniel LevinQA Tester
Warren SchultzQA Tester
Ismael QuijanoQA Tester
Erik GuentherQA Tester
John KirklandQA Tester
Kevin OsburnQA Tester
Matt TiffanyQA Tester
Michael McCaaQA Tester
Jonathan JonesQA Tester
Charles DeenenSound Supervisor
Craig DumanSound Supervisor
Ann ScibelliSound design/Editing
Tim WalstonSound design/Editing

Eight Ball Sound

Gregory AllenSound design/Editing
Charles DeenenSound design/Editing
Larry PeacockSound design/Editing
Adam LevensonSound design/Editing

Interplay Productions

Michael HoenigMusic by
Rick JacksonAdditional Music and Supervision
Frank WelkerVocal Soundeffects
Gloria SotoVocal Soundeffects
Sly & Stu
Mike SalvettaFoley Artist

West Productions

Cecilia PeraFoley Recordist

Eight Ball Sound

Kevin FrayserFoley Editing

Interplay Productions

Chris BordersVO Casting/Supervision
Ginny McSwainVO Direction
Julian CookVO Engineer
Frank SzickVO editor
Kevin FrayserVO editor
Craig DumanAudio Mastering
Charles DeenenRe-Recording Mixer
Gloria DotoAudio Administration
Mixed in Dolby Surround at Interplay. Thanks to Shannon Wood from Renaissance Fair for showing us arround the fair.
Neil McKennaLocalization Coordinator
Tom DeckerLocalization Assistance
Justine AnacreonteLocalization Technician
Natalija BenojovskiLocalization Technician
André HornLocalization Technician
Rafael LopezLocalization Technician
SPG Studios(Foreign) Audio Recordings (Support Company)
Dave CravensVideo Services
Stephen MillerVideo Services
Bill StoudtVideo Services
Dan WilliamsVideo Services
Robert BerzinsGrand Webmaster
Ingrid MoonWeb Coordinator
Garett BarnesLead Designer
Chad SchroederAssistant Webmaster
Special Thanks
Liam ByrneSpecial Thanks
Chris CoxSpecial Thanks
Kevin SprossSpecial Thanks
Marcus HopkinsSpecial Thanks
Jason Della RoccaSpecial Thanks
Joe KreinerSpecial Thanks
Jay StockiSpecial Thanks
Brett SchnepfSpecial Thanks
Matt PloyharSpecial Thanks
Steve CoxSpecial Thanks
Greg RusuSpecial Thanks
Brian BrunningSpecial Thanks
John CarseySpecial Thanks
Toby HermanSpecial Thanks
Matt MarshalSpecial Thanks for helping out with FAQ
Our other fan sites: Without your support we'd be lost. Thanks guys, you all kick ass.
Ed ZeschukSpecial Thanks
Summer Students:
Graham JahnsSpecial Thanks
Gautam KarnikSpecial Thanks
Brian MooreSpecial Thanks
Brian MooreSpecial Thanks
...and to the following (non BG team) folks at Interplay:

Interplay - duplicate

Reg ArnedoSpecial Thanks
Chris AvelloneSpecial Thanks
Jeremy BarnesSpecial Thanks
Julian RidleySpecial Thanks
Genevieve OstergardSpecial Thanks
Jennifer HendrixSpecial Thanks
Chuck CampsSpecial Thanks
Margo EngelSpecial Thanks
Polly TracySpecial Thanks
John WunderSpecial Thanks
Mike PacholikSpecial Thanks
Tim DonnelySpecial Thanks
Paul EdelsteinSpecial Thanks
John PriceSpecial Thanks
Kyle SchubelSpecial Thanks
Aaron BrownSpecial Thanks
BioWare would also like to acknowledge the works of
Jack VanceSpecial Thanks
Fritz LeiberSpecial Thanks
Gary GygaxSpecial Thanks
many other writers of note, and all of the great RPG's of the past.
Baldur's Gate was developed using the The BioWare Infinity Engine


Eldoth KronNo image
OgrillonNo image
ScarNo image
AloraNo image
NymphNo image
TenyaNo image
Dream WarriorNo image
SeniyadNo image
TaerumNo image
BrunosNo image
IrlentreeNo image
Yeslick OrothiarNo image
BeltNo image
CoranNo image
OublekNo image
GreywolfNo image
Mystery MerchantNo image
ResarrNo image
CenteolNo image
SafanNo image
TamokoNo image
Ardenor CrushNo image
GalkinNo image
MontaronNo image
ThalantyrNo image
ElminsterNo image
EltanNo image
KoraxNo image
NecromancerNo image
XzarNo image
Various CreaturesNo image
DaveornNo image
EntarNo image
RieltarNo image
SonnerNo image
BrielbarNo image
NereidNo image
Skie SilvershieldNo image
Viconia DeVirNo image
AldethNo image
CadderlyNo image
TethorilNo image
Black LilyNo image
FaldornNo image
JaheiraNo image
SilkeNo image
ImoenNo image
IthmeeraNo image
HusamNo image
KrestorNo image
MarekNo image
Dream WomanNo image
GellanaNo image
GlamarieNo image
Ajantis IlvastarrNo image
TranzigNo image
VarciNo image
LothanderNo image
Dream KnightNo image
DrizztNo image
QuayleNo image
XanNo image
BranwenNo image
DelornaNo image
DryadNo image
NarratorNo image
SarevokNo image
TownsfolkNo image
CaldoNo image
GarrickNo image
NiklosNo image
TaurgoszNo image
Shar TeelNo image
ChanterNo image
KivanNo image
PrismNo image
TelmenNo image
VoloNo image
UnknownNo image
DynaheirNo image
Liia JNo image
GorionNo image
MinscNo image
MulaheyNo image
TazokNo image
Ogre MageNo image
Serving WenchNo image
Edwin OdesseironNo image
JebadohNo image
KhalidNo image
ThaldornNo image
BrageNo image
KagainNo image
TiaxNo image
TuthNo image
ThaldornNo image
GalkinNo image
GatewardenNo image
ThaldornNo image

Baldur's Gate

89 /100

Released: 1998

Baldur's Gate is a fantasy role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment. It is the first game in the Baldur's Gate series and takes place in the Forgotten Realms, a...