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Releasing: December 31, 1989

In Bar Games, the player (Or four players) can compete in a single event or a tournament of "Bar Games."

Liar's Dice
A gambling/poker style dice game, relying heavily on bluffing.

The player picks a male or female model, and they walk along a stage. The player controls a character walking above the stage, dropping buckets of water on the model to make their pixelated body parts show through their clothes.

Last Call
The player is a bartender, and must serve drinks. You must use a power gauge to throw drinks up the bar to customers, before they walk away.

Air Hockey
Air Hockey. With terrible physics.

Pick-Up Artist
Probably the most well known of the collection, the player receives a note from a girl, who will be 'waiting at the bar.' The player then must pick a girl, pick random conversation points and try to 'pick her up'. Most of the choices are completely nonsensical, or creepy.