Time until Barnsley Badger release!

Already released Worldwide [WW] on Commodore C64/128

RegionTime leftPlatform
Worldwide [WW]Commodore C64/128



Meet Barnsley, a lazy, good for nothing badger whose addiction to gambling has got him into all sorts of trouble. One night in his local boozer he overhears a conversation. A gold coin was discovered in the nearby graveyard, a coin carved with the head of the fabled ruler Tutanbodger on one side. If Barnsley can find the lost treasure of Tutanbodger it would solve all his money problems. A great journey awaits - as long as he doesn't fall asleep on the way!

• Huge 120 screen map to explore!
• Various weird and wonderful meanies to avoid!
• Collectible items to power-up your badger!
• Gorgeous retro-style hi-res graphics!
• Catchy soundtracks!

GFX and Design by Trevor Storey
Code by Georg Rottensteiner
Music by Andrew Fisher
Sfx by Hugo Hoekstra
Cover art by Trevor Storey
Game packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

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