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Remus Review [10.0/10]

Remus created

One of the greatest games ever made. This Arkham trilogy that Rocksteady made, along with Origins revolutionized the genre of superhero games and set up a new standard, first big game inspired by them being the PS4 Spiderman game from 2018 and hopefully more to come.

DaveyPs Review [5.0/10]

DaveyP created

"Hey, what if we made Arkham Asylum, but with a weaker story, less atmosphere, and a bundle of problems getting around an obnoxious overworld so we can pass this off as an open world game?" "Will we have better boss fights so people don't complain about the one problem in an otherwise near-perfect game like last time?" "Yeah, sure." "Great!"

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

While the open world aspects of this game are stellar, along with the majority of the presentation, the only thing I was kind of surprised by was how brief the game seemed overall. Honestly, the story is relatively straightforward, with almost no twists of any kind, and ends on a less than epic note. Felt like Arkham Asylum at least had more o...