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CrystalCores Review [8.0/10]

CrystalCore created

The Gameplay is good, fast paced, TTK is really low, weapon balance is good, vehicles still need improvement

nafikhans Review [8.0/10]

nafikhan created

In my opinion as a veteran battlefield player, battlefield has had their best times and their worst moments. Overall, I would say that the campaign is informational on things I never found out in WW2 history. The multiplayer is smooth (if you have a great system to play on). In rebuttal of Heinrich's negativity review, EA does not want copyright...

Heinreiches Review [1.0/10]

Heinreich created

A disservice to history. Intentional "sabotage" of uniforms and equipment, just out of fear for being bashed for making "Nazis look cool" or whatever (then why make a WWII game at all?)... One of the most disrespectful things I've ever seen in entertainment, is to be found in this game; the act of replacing the eight Norwegian soldiers (under ...