Battlefield V

A new Battlefield in a new setting, with unseen multiplayer moments, unmatched sights/sounds and with new modes and experiences.

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Review: nafikhans Review

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In my opinion as a veteran battlefield player, battlefield has had their best times and their worst moments. Overall, I would say that the campaign is informational on things I never found out in WW2 history. The multiplayer is smooth (if you have a great system to play on). In rebuttal of Heinrich's negativity review, EA does not want copyright infringement first of all. Second, this a review not an opinion whereas what you hate or love. Third, there is no need to have the nazi signs where it can offend people and/or the media when it comes to this making a WW2 game that contains nazi germany. Last, why write a negative review on a game that did not finish their campaign yet. After all, I would say that EA has more improvements/fixes in their game that would make the game more enjoyable for years to come.

Positive points
  • campaign
Negative points
  • I didn't like the negative reviews that people waste their time typing about how bad this game is in a full blown essay style


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