Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches, stripped of random elements to optimize the action. Welcome to a world where champions dedicate their lives to the arena.

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Review: krazyjakees Review

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After 2 hours I plonked 6 stars as a rating as I felt that I was seeing the same 2 or 3 heroes over and over again because they are massively overpowered and easy to play. It was essentially a pick to win... BUT! Now at 11 hours I have discovered their weaknesses and am using this to my advantage and winning almost every game. My Dota 2 skills seem to have transferred nicely although note that this is in no way a MOBA.

Battlerite is a competitive arena brawler with the dark magic ambience of Dota2 combined with the more casual competitive (jump-in jump-out) style gameplay of rocket league. Games are quick and intense with definite moments of "WOW awesome!" but can also become a drag when the matchmaking decides to land you with Leeroy Jenkins for team mates. The game runs smooth, looks good in general but the magic abilities and environments are on par with the likes of diablo 3. Fantastic work.

I feel for the first few hours there is enough content to go on, but the development team seem dedicated to very quickly pushing updates which is great news for a game that could expand in many directions. I felt a little annoyed where it seems some of the protection and "sniping" spells were similar, if not identical among heroes. Some more varied mechanics to shake things up would certainly be welcome and I am in no doubt each hero released will bring an acceptable level of variation.

I imagine I will play on for the few more days it deserves then give it a few months and pick it up again when there has been more content and balancing.


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