Time until Battlestorm release!

Already released in undefined on PC DOS

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Message received on all emergency channels:

"On behalf of the Empire of Worlds High Council, I bring you greetings! There is currently a state of emergency on all frontier worlds. The Kalomarian enemies led by their state of the art command vessels, the starships "Battlestorm", are taking over this galaxy. They are capable of destruction on a stellar scale. There is little time left to act and counter attack these invaders, but the Empire is already defenseless. ...nevertheless we hold hope, as the ancient prophecy has foretold..."

"From the Ashes of conquest shall rise a warrior, and the storm will be blown away".
Destroy squadrons to retrieve the vital "shield pods." Annihilate motherships to acquire "equipment pods". All these will protect you against the enemies' powerful attacks and provide you with more sophisticated weaponry. You will need all the help you can get if you are going to destroy the Battlestorms and launch your final attack on their headquarters.