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Releasing: December 31, 1988

20 Lethal tons of massive fighting power are primed for battle and your in control.

The 31st century is a desperate time. Five Successor States are hopelessly locked in mortal struggle for power. In this era of endless war, the powerful, death-dealing BattleMechs are valued higher than human life.

You are 18-year-old Jason Youngblood, and fate has given you a terrible gauntlet to run. Abruptly wrenched from the intense drilling of 'Mech warrior training, you are plunged into real battle with deadly Kurita warriors. Savage experience is now your unforgiving teacher, and the very survival of The Lyran Commonwealth demands you learn the ruthless precision of battle strategy quickly.

Can you, the son of legendary "Mech warrior Jeremiah Youngblood, steel yourself for the greatest challenge of your life?

Authentic Battletech combat is yours to command.

The master storytellers of Infocom have joined forces with FASA, the creators of Battletech and the computer wizards of Westwood Associates to bring you an unparalleled adventure.

You're in command: you choose your weapons and your target for each member of your fighting unit.

Experience the thrill of battle as you move your "Mechs across the far-reaching terrain of Chara IV.