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Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Platform

Platforms: Amiga CD32, Sega Game Gear, Xbox One, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Amiga

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Battletoads is the first game of the Battletoads series. It is developed by Rare and published by Tradewest. It was originally released for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, with ports for the Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Amiga CD32 and Nintendo Game Boy (with the subtitle Battletoads in Ragnarok's World so as to separate it from the earlier-released Game Boy sequel). Battletoads is considered to be a game that shows ... Read More

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Fresh from her recent defeat at the Battle of Canis Major, the Dark Queen decides to take out her aggressions on her archenemies, the Battletoads. The 'Toads and their mentor, Professor T-Bird, are currently escorting Princess Angelica home to her father, the Terran Emperor. During a rest stop, Pimple takes Angelica out for a drive in the Toadster, but the vehicle and its occupants are swallowed up by the Dark Queen's ship, the Gargantua, and taken to her tower on planet Ragnarok.
Rash and Zitz are quickly sent down to Ragnarok's surface to rescue their friends, unaware of the dangers that await them, but willing to chance it all on their rescue mission.