Bayonetta 2

The witching hour strikes again. Brimming with intricate battles that take place in, on and all over epic set pieces, Bayonetta 2 finds our sassy heroine battling angels and demons in unearthly beautiful HD. You’re bound to love how it f...

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Review: So extreme!

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Bayonetta 2 was awesome. Really good. Lots of action and fighting along with exciting gameplay.

This game was great. The characters were great. The right amount of seriousness and wackiness needed. Not too serious but witty enough to keep it interesting. The story was awesome. You don't need to play the first one to understand. But it sure will help you get some other details.

The gameplay was like the first one. Hack and slash combos. With weapons to unlock and use. Bayonetta 2 was more difficult than the first one. Not saying the first one was easy. It was just easier.

I didn't try the online stuff out. But as you progress in the story you unlock more levels to use online. I think.

The graphics were incredible. Nice and clear. Made it feel like you were right in the action. And the music was great.

Overall, Bayonetta 2 is a definite must get for the Wii U. It's so much fun. And it's great that it comes with Bayonetta with it. So you can play them in order if you wish.

Positive points
  • -graphics
  • -story
  • -gameplay
  • -music
  • -lots of fun
Negative points
  • -still can't think of much


10Total score