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sadwick666s Review

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1-Story/characters. Bayonetta story is bad, i know we are not playing those kind of games for the stories but Bayonetta has so many cutscenes and worst of all they are most of the time not animated. Furthermore the characters voice acting is plain bad, and Bayonetta as a character is unlikeable and is close to hooker the way she acts. In short bad story, bad character and way too many cutscenes.

2-Gameplay. Game is supposed to be a non-stop action thrill ride but with all the cut scenes it just slows down the pace too much. Combat is what the game should excel at and ill admit that the combat looks great but its too repetitive. If you dont dodge to activate witch time all you can do is get 2-3 hits before the enemy blocks and conter attack and if you dont want to get hit ... you dodge and get in witch time to unleash combos. Every fights is the same wait to dodge or force enemy to hit you to dodge. You can't do anything else beside go into witch time. Boss battles are also mostly the same regular fights.

Also the moves you can buy dont really integrate themselves well with the basics combo you have and serves more as a different big hand/foot finish you do. Walking on walls is one of the worst thing in the game, if the walls you are on is slightly angled and you are trying to hit something the big hand/foot attack will simply pass over what you are hitting. Even worst is the camera, it's bad all the time and even worst whenever you start wall walking.

3-Music. Well there's not much too say about the music in the game besides most annoying soundtrack ever

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  • None
Negative points
  • Camera, cringy and too much cutscenes, control

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