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TimeSmashes Review

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Played the Wii U version, which is my first ever experience with Bayonetta. In terms of aesthetic and charm, this game knows what it has and flaunts it at every chance it can. It's rare that a game can carry itself with this much swagger, with its titular character being the most memorable. Sarcastic, witty, and a dominatrix in all other aspects, Bayonetta rules the screen as she battles the corrupt angels in a setting that would not be unfamiliar in rustic Italy. Bayonetta's easy-to-learn, hard to master playstyle will have you button mashing to the end, as you help wickedly weave her way through to the game's climax. Plenty of combos to try and interesting settings to explore, this is a game you won't want to miss

Positive points
  • A graphical delight
  • Well written heroes with good voice acting
  • Jazzy soundtrack fits very well with game style
  • Intuitive battle system
  • Sense of satisfaction when pulling off a Wicked Weave, Torture Move, or Summon
Negative points
  • Some mandatory mini-games feel clunky to control

Total score