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Releasing: December 05, 1997

In BEAST WARS you travel along the planet's surface and explore many areas, looking to destroy any enemies that cross your path. The innovative auto-targeting system locks on to any enemies in your area and makes for some straightforward killing. However, don't think it's going to be easy, as you will have to dodge enemy gunfire at the same time. Eventually, your character will use up his Energon supply and you will have to refuel by transforming into Beast mode. While in Beast mode you cannot attack, and your sole purpose is to find power-ups to restore your Energon. BEAST WARS offers 10 different transformers to choose from, each with their own traits. You'll also have the chance to battle in four different environments, each having its own set of enemies. With 24 missions to play and eight bonus missions, you'll have plenty to keep you occupied. Transformers fans will love this game.