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TheFredobars Review

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Cool setting and premise for the game. Juggling financial pressures and your quests was really well done. It does get a bit repetitive towards the end and because I found it hard to meet the massive sums needed to complete your family quests I had to replay large parts of the game in order to avoid failure states, which was dull. I really enjoyed the main gameplay of snooping on your tenants but I felt like I was failing a lot because of unforeseeable outcomes (some tenants just murder you if you get one dialogue option wrong) wheras I would rather have felt that failure came from the eroding pressures in your finances and from the government pressure. I also definitely felt like the later tenants were less fleshed out so the game felt shallow towards the end. Definitely worth a play if you enjoy games in the papers please vibe or stories set in totalitarian states.

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