Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People Press kit


Grundislav Games
Based in Germany

Release Date:

PC (Microsoft Windows)



After the events in Osaka from the previous case, Ben Jordan and his friends Simon Booth and Alice Wilkins decide to take some time off and go on holiday to Greece. With Athens blocked, they end up in the fishing village of Agia Anna where they learn about the Sea People, ancient creatures that emerge from the ocean at night and drag villagers down to eat them.

While his friends consider it a vacation, Ben Jordan investigates the events. He will talk to different villagers and visit nearby islands to investigate the legend. Gameplay is true to the point-and-click adventure series with mouse-based action icons, an inventory, dialogue screens with character portraits and fairly straight-forward puzzles. This case also pursues Ben's lingering love interest that is Alice.


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