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Beneath a Steel Sky (Credits)

Revolution Software

Charles CecilDesign
Dave CumminsDesign
Dan MarchantDesign
Dave GibbonsDesign
Dave CumminsScript
Charles CecilVI System Concept
Tony WarrinerVI System Concept
David SykesVI System Concept
Dan MarchantVI System Concept
Tony WarrinerVI System Design
David SykesVI System 2.0 Implementation
Tony WarrinerVI System 2.0 Implementation
David SykesProgramming
Tony WarrinerProgramming
James LongProgramming
Dave GibbonsComic
Dave GibbonsBackground Designs
Les PaceBackground Paintings
Steve InceBackground Paintings
Stephen OadesComputer Graphics and Animation
Adam TweenComputer Graphics and Animation
Steve InceComputer Graphics and Animation
Paul HumphreysComputer Graphics and Animation
Dave CumminsMusic
Tony WilliamsMusic Conversion & Sound Effects
Dan MarchantQuality Assurance
Paul CoppinsQuality Assurance
J. WrightQuality Assurance
Richard HewisonQuality Assurance
Aaron PhelanQuality Assurance
J. MartinQuality Assurance
Peter HickmanQuality Assurance
Peter HickmanAssistant Producer
Aaron PhelanAssistant Producer

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.

Ken LoveUS Coordinator
A. RyanUS Quality Assurance
Craig McCoyUS Quality Assurance
Christopher ToftUS Quality Assurance
Mitch FeldmanUS Quality Assurance
Jim GetzUS Quality Assurance
Paul ShoenerUS Quality Assurance
Eric HarshmanUS Quality Assurance

Revolution Software

Sean BrennanThanks
Mark AllenThanks
Dan MarchantProducer
Charles CecilDirector

Beneath a Steel Sky

77 /100

Released: 1994

Beneath a Steel Sky is a cyberpunk, point and click, adventure game. You assume the role of Robert Foster and embark on a quest to make the world a better place, along with your robot companion Joey.