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Meet Terry and Tracy, an everyday pair of walking, talking tomatoes caught up in a totally unfeasible tale of rivalry, evil squirrels and mystical lands... oh and, erm, love!

Tracy and Terry are the cream of the tomatoes. Apart from being particularly ripe and squashy specimens, they're both in love and determined to escape from the lorry taking them to the Puree factory so they can run away together and get married.

And so, after being hurled into the back of the delivery truck, they make their move, slipping quietly out of the back and squopping (animals hop, tomatoes squop!) away to happiness. Whatever could go wrong?

Well, as it happens, lurking in the trees along their path, an evil squirrel was eying up Tracy's plumb form and decided to take her for his own. Just as the two love birds were passing by a tall vine, the squirrel struck, whisking Tracy away from Terry and carrying her away to his vine-top abode.

Terry saw red. His skin puckered and his little crown of leaves trembled with anger. So, off he dashed in pursuit of the rascally rodent to win back his sweetheart...

And you thought tomatoes couldn't climb trees.