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kimkiines Review [7.0/10]

kimkiine created

Great game for release time but now... shooter mechanic is really rusty.

Trtreibers Review [10.0/10]

Trtreiber created

A journey that no other FPS I've played can match. Awesome game indeed. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 9 Pacing- 8 Characters- 8 Originality- 9 Linearity- 10 Length- 8 Epicness- 8 "The Presentation" Visuals- 9 Display- 8 Music- 9 Sound FX- 10 "The Mechanics" Ease of Use- 6 Innovation- 9 Replayability- 9

MedicusPs Review [9.0/10]

MedicusP created

Bioshock (Xbox 360) A brilliant and original game. Set in a unique underwater city called Rapture. Stunning scenery and an excellent storyline filled with some twists and turns and of course, excitement. A survival horror game that actually does give off some jumpy scares. There aren't many games like that anymore. For me I think it deserved to ...

krabiccs Review [10.0/10]

krabicc created

Best that type of game that i ever played! 2k games did a good job ;)

JoeMamaOG97s Review [10.0/10]

JoeMamaOG97 created

The atmosphere is flawless, the antagonists are intriguing, and the story is unforgettable.

meisquawks Review [10.0/10]

meisquawk created

Boy oh boy is this game really something. The atmosphere is brilliant, it just sucks you into the world that exists in this game and makes you feel like you are in Rapture walking the damp halls. The story also just drags you in and makes you invested to see what happens to Rapture, your character, and the villains/side characters in the game. T...

Perfect Adaption of Philosophical Work into Video Game Medium [8.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

Oh boy... What can I say about writing this awesome game after finishing it for approximately 15 hours of having exciting and thrilling adventor in a city below the sea called Rapture. The gloomy athmosphere 60s retro vibe with stunning 3D graphic, philosophical based of Ayn Rand take on Objectivism ideas, and simple and yet challenging gameplay...