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Black & White (Credits)

Lionhead Studios

Peter MolyneuxConcept & Lead Design
Peter MolyneuxGame Programming
Mark WebleyGame Programming
Jonty BarnesGame Programming
Richard EvansGame Programming
Giles JermyGame Programming
Jeremy ChatelaineGame Programming
Oliver PurkissGame Programming
Thomas Barnet-LambGame Programming
Jason HutchensGame Programming
Jean-Claude Cottier3D Programming
Alex Evans3D Programming
Scawen Roberts3D Programming
Paul McLaughlinArt
Mark HealeyArt
Andy BassArt
Christian BraveryArt
Eric BaileyAnimation
James LeachScript & Dialogue
Russell ShawSound & Music
Tim RanceInternet, Library & Tools
Dan DeptfordInternet, Library & Tools
Georg BackerInternet, Library & Tools
Jamie DurrantScenario & Level Design
Paul NettletonScenario & Level Design
Ken MalcolmScenario & Level Design
Andy RobsonGameplay & Testing
Nathan SmethurstGameplay & Testing
Steve LawrieGameplay & Testing
Joe BorthwickGameplay & Testing
Aaron LudlowGameplay & Testing
Jeff BrutusGameplay & Testing
Janice NusseyLionhead Studios Ltd.
Claire HedleyLionhead Studios Ltd.
Pete HawleyLionhead Studios Ltd.
Steve JacksonLionhead Studios Ltd.
Catherine TuttonLionhead Studios Ltd.
Cathy CamposPR
Steafan HanniganLead Instrumentalist
Stuart Hall (I)Musician
Melissa HoldingMusician
Donald QuanMusician
Saskia TomkinsMusician
Ray HickieMusician
Ron KrobMusician
Jon FarmerAdditional Art
Ben IrwinAdditional Art
Adam BurkeTesting for Lionhead
Adam HodgsonTesting for Lionhead
Alex AshbyTesting for Lionhead
Alison RobinsonTesting for Lionhead
Allan MulhollandTesting for Lionhead
Andrew CoplandTesting for Lionhead
Andrew MillsTesting for Lionhead
Andrew WhiteTesting for Lionhead
Andy SmithTesting for Lionhead
Armando D'AmicoTesting for Lionhead
Ashley BerlinTesting for Lionhead
Ben WardTesting for Lionhead
Bernie GoldsmithTesting for Lionhead
Bradley BrownTesting for Lionhead
Brian Dyg ArpTesting for Lionhead
Carl AnderssonTesting for Lionhead
Carton WimTesting for Lionhead
Chad GouldingTesting for Lionhead
Charles BullenTesting for Lionhead
Charlton EdwardsTesting for Lionhead
Chris ArmsdenTesting for Lionhead
Chris HaggTesting for Lionhead
Chris JanesTesting for Lionhead
Chris Johnson (I)Testing for Lionhead
Chris KnowlesTesting for Lionhead
Christian GloorTesting for Lionhead
Craig GarveyTesting for Lionhead
Daniel Cook (I)Testing for Lionhead
Daniel EggarTesting for Lionhead
Daniel KollmannTesting for Lionhead
Daniel OvertonTesting for Lionhead
Daniel Owusu-AnkomahTesting for Lionhead
Daniel ScheersTesting for Lionhead
David John SpringateTesting for Lionhead
David LilliehammarTesting for Lionhead
David PolsonTesting for Lionhead
David WebleyTesting for Lionhead
Dennis LuesebrinkTesting for Lionhead
Derek Da SilvaTesting for Lionhead
Dimitri MavrikakisTesting for Lionhead
Douglas BergTesting for Lionhead
Duncan SutherlandTesting for Lionhead
Dylan DaviesTesting for Lionhead
Ed GoodfellowTesting for Lionhead
Edward KarneyTesting for Lionhead
Eric BoltjesTesting for Lionhead
Eric ReynoldsTesting for Lionhead
Felix KlastrupTesting for Lionhead
Foster PollardTesting for Lionhead
Glen WoodsTesting for Lionhead
Iain FarrellTesting for Lionhead
James CareyTesting for Lionhead
James Hamer-MortonTesting for Lionhead
James McSweeneyTesting for Lionhead
James MearmanTesting for Lionhead
James Milner-WalkerTesting for Lionhead
Jamie NewmanTesting for Lionhead
James NoyTesting for Lionhead
Jeremy White (I)Testing for Lionhead
Joe FalkeTesting for Lionhead
Johan RibenforsTesting for Lionhead
John EmeryTesting for Lionhead
Johnathan RowlandsTesting for Lionhead
Jon HupperTesting for Lionhead
Jonothan ClareyTesting for Lionhead
Joost Ronkes AgerbeekTesting for Lionhead
Joshua PugsleyTesting for Lionhead
Justin AmoreTesting for Lionhead
Koen FinchamTesting for Lionhead
Louis BromneTesting for Lionhead
Marcus RobinsonTesting for Lionhead
Mark FrenchTesting for Lionhead
Mark KlocekTesting for Lionhead
Mark SmethurstTesting for Lionhead
Markus BackerTesting for Lionhead
Martin GildayTesting for Lionhead
Martin KhigeTesting for Lionhead
Matthew FletcherTesting for Lionhead
Matthew HamiltonTesting for Lionhead
Matthew LillyTesting for Lionhead
Maurice BerkTesting for Lionhead
Michael MilneTesting for Lionhead
Mirco MatuscheckTesting for Lionhead
Mitchell MunterTesting for Lionhead
Natali MailandTesting for Lionhead
Nick TsiatinisTesting for Lionhead
Oliver Parker-PickenTesting for Lionhead
Olli KoobTesting for Lionhead
Paul DollimoreTesting for Lionhead
Paul JohnsonTesting for Lionhead
Paul LockettTesting for Lionhead
Paul RichardsonTesting for Lionhead
Peter McSweeneyTesting for Lionhead
Peter NicholsonTesting for Lionhead
Peter SmithTesting for Lionhead
Raphael D'AmicoTesting for Lionhead
Rob den DekkerTesting for Lionhead
Robert BowryTesting for Lionhead
Robert MouldTesting for Lionhead
Robert RanischTesting for Lionhead
Robin AllisonTesting for Lionhead
Roger IngrahamTesting for Lionhead
Ross SmithTesting for Lionhead
Rowan NewmanTesting for Lionhead
Roy CheungTesting for Lionhead
Sam HamiltonTesting for Lionhead
Sam VantilburghTesting for Lionhead
Scott KirkhamTesting for Lionhead
Simon DuneTesting for Lionhead
Simon FinchTesting for Lionhead
Simon RoonerTesting for Lionhead
Sos KjeldsenTesting for Lionhead
Stephen HibbertTesting for Lionhead
Steven FossettTesting for Lionhead
Styn DekkerTesting for Lionhead
Thilmany AlexandreTesting for Lionhead
Thor KeilTesting for Lionhead
Tim WvytsTesting for Lionhead
Timmy GeleynTesting for Lionhead
Toby HineTesting for Lionhead
Tom ArnellTesting for Lionhead
Tom LeeTesting for Lionhead
Tony CiniglioTesting for Lionhead
Troy LonerganTesting for Lionhead
Valerie CookTesting for Lionhead
William HallTesting for Lionhead
William OvergardTesting for Lionhead

Electronic Arts

Dan BlackstoneProduction for EA
Mike CooperProduction for EA
Wayne FrostProduction for EA
Richard LeinfellnerProduction for EA
Lisa StokesProduction for EA
Pete SamuelsTesting for EA
Andy BussellTesting for EA
Pat RussellTesting for EA
Matt PriceTesting for EA
Oliver ByrneTesting for EA
Stuart WilliamsTesting for EA
Pau WatsonTesting for EA
Richard WilderspinTesting for EA
Chris GamboldTesting for EA
Nathan JacobsTesting for EA
Lee SmithTesting for EA
Dan GoldingTesting for EA
Jon TrumperTesting for EA
Piers LangridgeTesting for EA
Richard DiazTesting for EA
Fabrizio CalabriaTesting for EA
Tom KilministerTesting for EA
Grant HardenTesting for EA
Martin BradleyTesting for EA
James FryTesting for EA
Barrie TingleTesting for EA
Terry StreeterTesting for EA
Carl MaynardTesting for EA
Alez YoungTesting for EA
Steven MorganTesting for EA
Ross DouglasTesting for EA
Jamie CawteTesting for EA
Barry ScottTesting for EA
Ricky WattsTesting for EA
Constantin YacoumisTesting for EA
Ben JacksonTesting for EA
Raj SaroyeTesting for EA
Syruss FlyteTesting for EA
Aaron KeppelTesting for EA
Anthony DuongTesting for EA
Mathew EllisonTesting for EA
Matt DominguezTesting for EA
Lenny CastilloTesting for EA
Chad HawksTesting for EA
Chris McCayTesting for EA
Jonathan BunneyMarketing for EA
Marray PannellMarketing for EA
David MillarMarketing for EA
Steve PerkinsMarketing for EA
Mel DrummondLegal for EA
James O'RiordanLegal for EA
Hannah WardLegal for EA
Andy NuttallLocalisation for EA
David LappLocalisation for EA
Masa NemotoLocalisation for EA
Sandra PicaperLocalisation for EA
James LenoelFor Electronic Arts
Steve GaffneyFor Electronic Arts
Martyn SibleyFor Electronic Arts
Tom O'ConnorFor Electronic Arts
Joe GrantFor Electronic Arts
Rob CharlishFor Electronic Arts
Wayne BoyceFor Electronic Arts
Marcus PurvisFor Electronic Arts
Donna HicksFor Electronic Arts
Brian TrewinSpecial Thanks
QSoundSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Creative LabsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Bill LustySpecial Thanks
Claudia StevensSpecial Thanks
RhubarbSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
toneworx GmbHSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
NvidiaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Prima Games UKSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Alex KlimovitskiSpecial Thanks
Intel CorporationSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Gamespy Industries Inc.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Immersion Corp.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Nick CopusSpecial Thanks
Nick ThomasSpecial Thanks
Don MattrickSpecial Thanks
Danny BilsonSpecial Thanks
Jeff RobertsSpecial Thanks
RAD Game ToolsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Mike RichardsonSpecial Thanks

Black & White

73 /100

Released: 2001

Play the role of a deity in a land where the surroundings are yours to shape and its people are yours to lord over. Be an evil, malevolent god and the natives will worship you with fear in their eyes. Play as a kind,...