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Fly where only Angels dare. Beyond Top Gun academy resides an elite echelon of pilots that are truly the best and the brightest: The Blue Angels.

An acrobatic squadron of U.S. naval aviators flying F/A-18s. Piercing the clouds on a wing and a prayer. Performing precision maneuvers that defy the laws of physics to dance with danger.

Now you've made the team.

Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation takes you from ground school to the wild blue yonder. You'll perform the actual air show maneuvers that have made the Blue Angels legends of the sky.

Strap-in. Lower the canopy. Everything you've ever experienced in flight simulation is about to take a 360-degree diamond roll.

Pilot an authentic Blue Angel F/A-18: Gaze out of the canopy of a high-tech marvel. 56 Feet of sleek, blue speed. The F/A-18's avionic system looks like something out of "Star Wars" but it's actually designed to minimize pilot workload. Good thing. There's enough to worry about outside the cockpit.

Train in a wire-frame flight simulator: Climbing at 400 mph, 12 inches from the next F/A-18 takes practice. The simulator shows your position in relation to the other jets in formation- then plots the path you've flown against the ideal path of the maneuver.

Review your performance on the evaluation screen: Who judges the blue chip Blue Angels? Look no further than the toughest critic on the base- the evaluation screen. Here. the pilot's flight path is scrutinized and analyzed from three different angles. Find out if you nailed that diamond roll or if you're just another diamond in the rough.

Perform over 25 actual air show maneuvers: The menu screen provides the pilot with a plethora of practice and performance picks. Do maneuvers 'til you're blue- delta roll, left echelon roll, fan break. Fly your F/A-18 in the solo, opposing solo, or delta position. Wow 'em at one of three air shows. The choices are heavenly.