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Game is already released

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The game of bocce (known also as bowls or bocce ball) is an ancient sport that requires skill, strategy and a little bit of luck. Bocce Revolution allows you to experience the thrill of a great game of bocce by challenging your friends or the computer. The game is played on a genuine court, belonging to an authentic Bocce Club guaranteeing that the emotions of the athletes and audience will be intensified! Demonstrate your skills and talent by proving you are the master! You are in full control of your strategy and decisions required to defeat your opponent. Bocce Revolution has been created and realized with professional assistance, consultation and design by legendary Italian Bocce Club. - SELECT YOUR COMPETITION You have a choice of single-player and multiplayer tournaments. Can you win all challenges and become the ultimate champion? - THE REALITY Your opponent will be determined and possess the skill of an expert bowler. His steady and accurate shots can put you into serious difficulty. - PLEASE CHOOSE THE TECHNIQUE OF PLAY Perform the approach; throw the ball overhand, underhand or into the air. Analyze the position of the bowls in the field continuously during the game and determine your strategy. - MULTIPLAYER Play against your friends in exciting 1vs1 matches - THE GAME PHYSICS The Maximum realism of the game is thanks to the latest technology of PhysX by NVIDIA. - RULES FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS Choose to play with Raffa of simplified regulations which is suitable for amateur players. - SPORTS COMMENTARY The emotions of the match will be described, by the voice and opinion of a commentator, for unparalleled realism. - MULTILANGUAGE Bocce Revolution is available in: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.