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Sweety Hunnybunz, the Singing Treacle Bear, has captured all the monsters of all video games everywhere and imprisoned them in patterns throughout his multiverse. With no monsters to fight, the heroes of these games are out of a job! But Yeet and Boik (with your help) can save the day!

Each of the 150 worlds in the Hunnybunz multiverse is a new puzzle with elevators, multi-directional gravity and many different prizes. In the final battle you face sweety Hunnybunz himself, but, beware, for this treacle bear is no piece of cake!

Boppin is a one or two player game, complete with a full featured, user friendly world/level editor to expand the game beyond your wildest dreams. Over 2,500 tile images are supplied, but not all are used in the supplied worlds, so truly new puzzles can be created.