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Braid (Credits)

Number None Inc.

Jonathan BlowA Game by
David HellmanGraphic Art
Sean T. BarrettAdditional Graphical Effects Programming
Edmund McMillenAnimation prototyping
Harry MackAdditional Sound Effects
Hothead GamesAdaptation and publishing (Support Company)
Jeff RobertsHelpful Patron
Kim PallisterXBLA Facilitation
Chris HeckerRoom and Board
Jen PahlkaRoom and Board
Casey MuratoriRewind Evangelist
Atman BinstockPlay-Testing and Discussion
Eric-Jon Rössel WaughPlay-Testing and Discussion
Damien NeilPlay-Testing and Discussion
Doug ChurchPlay-Testing and Discussion
Rod HumblePlay-Testing and Discussion
Frank LantzPlay-Testing and Discussion
Kellee SantiagoPlay-Testing and Discussion
Graham GoringPlay-Testing and Discussion
Robin HunickePlay-Testing and Discussion
Karri MiviluonaPlay-Testing and Discussion
Jason RohrerPlay-Testing and Discussion
Italo CalvinoSpecial Thanks
David LynchSpecial Thanks
Milorad PaviéSpecial Thanks
Alan LightmanSpecial Thanks
Brian MoriartySpecial Thanks
Daniel EngberSpecial Thanks
William L. LaurenceSpecial Thanks
MagnatuneMusic licensing (Support Company)
Lizzy UntermannLocalization
Steven GarradLocalization
Ricardo CordobaLocalization
Malika KherfiLocalization
Sang Jin KangLocalization
Kyoung Ho HanLocalization
Go KomatsuLocalization
In Goo KwonLocalization
Atsushi HoriuchiLocalization
Andy ChenLocalization
Christina YuLocalization
An LiuLocalization
Robert LinLocalization
Masato IshidaLocalization
Soo Gyeong JoLocalization
Lilia LeeLocalization


Edward McPhersonTest Manager
Tyler BarrettMAT Tester
Scott GriffithsSenior Test Lead
Jeremy BentoTester
Stephen BonaciTester
Ian DobleTester
David LaffranchiTester
Ezra GouldTester
Mark McClarinTester
Wes McDanielTester
Matthew MunroeTester
Matthew PorterTester
Kelly ShipmanTester
Tristan YoltonTester


87 /100

Released: 2008

Braid is played by solving physical puzzles in a standard platform game environment. The player controls the protagonist Tim as he runs, jumps, and climbs across the game's levels. Tim jumps and stomps on enemies to...