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As Jonathan Marker stood and stared. The Northern wind tugged his hair and froze his uncovered fingers but still he made no movement to shelter. Even though it was now dusk and time for travellers to leave the dangers of the road behind a firmly closed door, he looked on. His eyes stared at the silhouetted Castle that loomed ahead against the backdrop of heavy clouds. They rose to look at the towers that seemed to almost bend over him as they pierced the skies. He looked away as a feeling of nausea overcame his tired body and he closed his eyes for a moment until the feeling disappeared. Yet when his head cleared, his eyes began searching the castle again and he began to pace slowly along the track, which would ultimately be swallowed by the span of a great gate...

How Marker found himself in that cold and foreboding place was now lost in his shattered memory. Love, hate, hurt. The answer was in there somewhere but all were now congealed in Marker's mind into an unimpeachable loathing for one man. Nay, man was not the word. Though it oflcn took the form of what you or I will term 'man' this was nothing human. It was a creature, a wild beast, untamed, unliving, undead. The word did not do it justice in Marker's mind. His loathing was as strong as his will to succeed in his quest. He would know what he must do once confronted by the monster. It would be exterminated. Either the monster would die or he would. Only time and fate would tell...

Your goal in this game is to destroy all graves using Your holy water and kill enemies standing in Your way. Ultimately, You will fight Your way to the count himself.

December 31, 1995